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The present terms and conditions, but are likely to undergo changes from time to time, directly or indirectly (through distributors) over the Internet, include all services offered to e-mail or phone. Internet access our site to navigate our site and using our website and / or to make a reservation by the following terms and conditions (including confidentiality agreements) have read, understood and accepted the delivery and you affirm that you are.
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1. Scope of our service
This is the website of our own production, we provide an online environment can do the promotion and sales of leather products. By ordering through is, Genco Leather direct (legally binding) will be entered into a contractual relationship.

Although we have product promotion or sale of fulfilling the notification that we information when determining reasonable in ability and diligence shows that all of the information accuracy, the completeness and accuracy, as we can not verify and commitments (including the obvious flaws and typographical errors), any error; (Probably our website (temporary and / or partial) breakdown, repair, improvement or maintenance work or arising from others) from any cuts; defective, we are held responsible for failure to misleading or untrue information or information transmitted is not possible.

Our services are available for personal and non-commercial use only. Therefore, the content presented on our website or information, software, for any commercial or competitive activity or sale purposes duplication of products and services, to sign with deep linking, use, copy, monitor (eg. The spider, scrape), display is prohibited, downloaded or reproduction.

2. Confidentiality
Pays attention to is privacy. You look at our privacy policy for more information.

3. Credit card
During the sale of products through the secure online payment offers the opportunity to direct payment (to the extent provided by your bank and support).
Credit card fraud or most if the unauthorized use by third parties of your credit card to take the risk of banks and credit card companies, and although fraud or misconduct to meet the damages, an exemption when the commitment of time (usually 50 euros (or the equivalent in your local currency) level) might be subject. The purchases you make on our website unauthorized transactions due to credit card the amount of your or your bank company if to collect from you to you a total of 50 euros (or local currency equivalent terms) as will be paid by us. We can recover damages for fraud to your credit card provider (in accordance with the relevant institutions of the reporting rules and procedures) and make sure that you report please contact contact us immediately (the Your e-mail subject line 'credit card fraud' and add the phrase you send us your evidence about the amounts charged to the exemption (eg conditions of the credit card company). This compensation for bookings made with a credit card through a secure server and secure server using your credit card will be valid if you do not belong to an error due to unauthorized use.

4. Cancellation and Refund Policy
Regarding the order that you provide may cancel your order before delivery to the shipping, you can make changes.

You can return your order you have given product over the period of the relevant legislation has given to you upon delivery.

5. Other forms of communication
If you complete your order, (ii) to inform you about your order that you have purchased, stating certain information and opportunities associated with the Distance sales contract you have agreed to receive e-mail. For more information on our way to contact you, please see our privacy policy.

6. Placement and Guest Reviews
Our website contains the default sort order of facilities 'suggested by' (or in a similar manner) (the "Default Sort" is). For convenience, we also offer a different sort of facility assessment methods. Sort by Default fully automated sorting system (algorithms) takes place, and please note that based on multiple criteria.
Guest rating you have completed: (a) the only facility service (level) and your opinion on the quality of the (potential) can be loaded to the information page of the relevant facility on our website to share with customers, and (b) by and if the (fully or partially), Genco. owned, offered by, or controlled by the use of social media platforms, newsletters, special offers, applications, or other channels used in a web site can be placed. Completely in our sole discretion to issue assessment, we maintain our right to reject or delete.

7. Disclaimer
The present terms and conditions by being subject to the restrictions referred to in the declaration, and to the extent permitted by law, instead of literally our obligations related to our exclusive service getirememe have faced your side as a result, meets or exposed to direct any damage, as indicated in the e-mail message sent to confirm (whether a , you want to be a series of events linked) will be responsible for booking a total amount of compensation equal to the total amount.
However, neither we nor the site and its content to create, support, touted to or contact our responsible in any way engaged to present to the user, our managers, our employees, our representatives, our affiliates, companies with our partnership, our distributors, affiliates (distribution) partners, our licensee, means any of our one, to the extent permitted by write; a) any punitive, special, indirect or consequential loss or damages, any loss of production, loss of profits, contracts loss of goodwill and loss of reputation or their waste to come, loss of claim, b) offered on our website (depicted) related products any error c) the firm or that fulfill the common services and provide the goods d) the use of our web site, used Failure or delay as a result, with respect to the resulting or found to meet your side, exposed or meets (direct, indirect or consequential, or punitive) damages, losses or costs, or e) any (partial) cancellation, double order, strike, force majeure or including any other event beyond our elders, of the company or any of its affiliates, or (fully or partially) the products and services on our website on or provided through, marketed the property or its partners (employees, managers, officers, agents to delegate to, or subsidiary companies) can be attributed to (legal) acts, errors, breaches, (heavy) negligence, willful misconduct, defects, decentralized performance, misrepresentations , all kinds of unfair treatment or strict liability (personal) injury, death, property damage, or by which your face is exposed, or other layed (direct, indirect, special, indirect, or punitive) damages, can not be held liable for any losses or costs.

8. Intellectual property rights
Unless required for our services, unless or our web site offered or the software and content on our website is used by our website and the information and intellectual property rights in the material (including copyright) belong to services offered by the website of (including guest reviews and translations made content) all rights, name and (all intellectual property rights) (such as images and style, including infrastructure) is entitled to everything about the site and none of them can not be copied can not be, (hyper / deep) can not be connection, published, can not be the promotion, marketed, can not be integrated, you can not use, can not be combined with something else or content (including translations and guest reviews) or brand is not available in any other way without our written permission. (Translation made) our content (including guest reviews) your use of (all or part of it) or anything else you merge with or website, or (transliterated) content or guest reviews all these intellectual property rights on if you take the right to the intellectual property of this article stated by Genco. to delegate, and you agree not to transfer. Unlawful use of our intellectual property rights or the above-mentioned acts and implementation of behavior (including copyright and database rights) means a significant violation.

9. On
All of our service providers, Turkey is a limited liability company established under the laws of a particular center and Beylerbeyi Mah. Yalıboyu Cad. No: 27/3 Üsküdar - Istanbul / Turkey is a company deployed in the address.