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Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Customers,
Welcome to theprivileges of GENCO;
Special healthfriendly paintings are used in our products and they are all handmade.
You may find theusage and care instructions in this manual…

Sales Representatives will guide you through thecare conditions of our PRODUCTS produced by special materials.

The hand seamed products are likely to makewater; therefore, please AVOID USING the products especially on snowy and rainydays. Please avoid waterholes. Sweaty feet and snow may lead to brining on theleather. Every leather products may absorb some amount of water unless it islabelled as "WATERPROOF of WATER RESISTANT.”

Inner bottom and the heel of the shoes are madefrom 100% natural stout leather and special flax. This flax is preferred sinceit gets swollen and acts as a clinch on wet floors.

Leather SHOES evaporates the emitted sweat within24 hours. Hence, wearing it 2 days apart would lengthen the usage. The wet anddamp SHOES should be dried in room temperature, not through the radiator orunder the sun.

When the shoes are damp, the dirt should be removedvia a slightly damp cloth. They need to be aired before shelved to avoid thesmell and put into the FAST provided along with the shoe to eliminatedeformation. Since they are made of genuine leather, lined or unlined shoes donot contain any harmful chemicals and they may color the socks or the foot.

Therefore, we recommend you chose socks similar incolor with the back lining. The leather shoes should be polished with the samecolor or a natural polisher.

Although leather jackets are transacted as waterresistant, they may absorb water under heavy rain. Dry the wet leather jacketby hanging in the room temperature. Never rub or wash your leather jacket.Always get it dry clean by "LEATHER EXPERTS”.

The back lining used in our product is speciallyproduced and the inner parts are designed for easy usage.


The product offered as a vehicle key is designedwith high adaptability to the latest technology.

All leather and the accessories used in theproduct are selected with special care and the inner details are designedaccording to current requirements. Long-term usage is aimed through usinglatest natural paintings and polishers in finishing process.

If the belt in the set you have bought is long insize, please separate the buckle with the leather as shown in the Picture. Youmay cut off on the edge and adjust according to your size. If it is short insize, please contact the closest services in the country or abroad as listed inour website.

Guarantee Certificate
OUR PRODUCTS have 2 years warranty againstmanufacturing defects and 5 years of supply warranty.